Exploring the Best Places to Buy Houses in the Midlands

West Midlands is located in Western Central England. It is a metropolitan area that consists of seven boroughs namely the Birmingham, Coventry, Dudley, Walsall, Wolver Hampton, Sol hull, and Sand well. It had a population of about 2,783,475 in 2013. West Midlands is also the center of industry and commerce. One of the major cities and the largest metropolitan area in West Midlands is the Birmingham. It is also one of the best places to live in West Midlands.

All about Birmingham

Birmingham is the “beating heart” of West Midlands. Transportation is efficient with easy access to and from the various towns and cities in the area. You can travel by train, plane, coach, or car. There are also a number of schools in Birmingham.

One thing that the city boasts of is its array of beautiful and luxurious houses, hamlets, and mansions. It also has expansive villages. You can find your dream house in Birmingham. There are many houses for sale in Birmingham that you can choose from.

Checking Out the Houses for Sale in Birmingham

Most of the houses for sale in Birmingham are big and spacious. These are mostly 5 to 8 bedroom single detached houses. There are handful of semi-detached houses and terraced houses that are for sale too. Some of these houses are Victorian in style. The exteriors are regal in their architectural designs.

The prices of these houses range from 1,395,000 pounds upwards. The prices vary depending on the measurement of the area and the style of the house. You can also find houses with smaller floor areas in Birmingham. These houses may cost from 149,950 pounds to 1,000,000 pounds.

You definitely are not spoilt for choices in houses for sale in Birmingham. You simply have to make the right decision on which house matches your preferences and budget considerations.